Published October 31st, 2022

Words by LBB Editorial

User interface (UI) design has truly seen it all, but what it has been swarmed by in recent years is the classic, two-dimensional look of flat design. It is inevitable that if you’ve been on the internet in the past decade, you’ve come across the simple shapes and forms of what defines this era in UI design, leaving the clutter, detailing and shadows on the back benches. Memorable with its bold and solid colour, as well as extremely transferable because of its simplistic nature, flat design is what brands have been relentlessly indulging in, not only for simple logos, but also for more complicated brand messaging. We have all seen the flat animations of the people that don’t necessarily look like people, with their long wide limbs, that Meta used for a hot minute. Finding its first big break in the Windows 8 tiles, flat design quickly spread to Apple and Google and replaced complicated logos - such as the old film camera logo of Instagram - with more uncomplicated ones.

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