Originals are welcome. 

We seek original thinkers who share our beliefs and want to contribute to our mission. People who want creative opportunities to express their authenticity through their work and inspire more originality in the world. 

Designing the best workplace is our most important project. 

The Perks
  • Mentorships

    Each employee is assigned a mentor to advise and guide mentees in achieving their goals, while mentors stay in tune with growth trends.

  • Growth Plans

    We believe individual growth is the key to success and happiness in your job. Our review format and mentorship programs are designed to foster growth through short-term and long-term goals.

  • Continued Education

    Our dedicated budget for staff training and ongoing education equips our team to build new skills and grow with the business.

  • Health Coverage

    BNS covers 100% of the premium costs at the employee level for the medical, dental, and vision plans.

  • 401k Plan

    All employees are eligible for our 401k plan, with unlimited access to the plan’s financial advisors for planning and investment advice.

  • Hybrid Work Model

    We focus on letting you focus with a workflow that balances remote work with onsite collaboration. Employees are provided equipment for use in both the home and office for flexibility.

  • Peer Bonuses

    Employees are given an allowance to recognize each other’s hard work and contribution in the form of a peer bonus.

  • Recruiting Bonuses

    What better way to find new talent than to ask within our walls? Employees are encouraged to bring new talent into the fold and are rewarded for doing so!

  • Pet Friendly

    We welcome your furry friends to our studios, as long as they are office-trained and play well with others.

Meet The Makers

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