Published September 6th, 2023

Brand New School director, Daniel Uribe shares insights into what brought him to be the creative and director he is today. LBB Online highlights some of the catalysts within his career,

The creative project that changed my career…

Daniel> A few years ago I decided to invest my own money and create a short film where I could have full creative freedom. I gave myself a brief and started to develop a short film that would be driven by voice over, would have a visual metaphor, strong performances, and portray a powerful, poetic feeling. ‘Influx’ is about a mother who finds herself sinking into a domestic violent relationship, until an influx of emotions is awakened within her. ‘Influx’ is a poetic short film that delves into the themes of domestic violence, alcoholism, and love. It’s inspired by Leslie Morgan Steiner's TED talk: ‘Why domestic violence victims don’t leave,’ the countless stories of mothers trapped in abusive relationships, and the power of love for their children. This short film was made with close collaborators of mine including cinematographer Htat Lin Htut, producer Jonathan Melton, music composer Andrei Vonavi, and more. The short film was selected for the Cannes Young Director Award 2020 and changed my career.

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